Glove fabric – the fabric to meet the highest of standards.

Glove fabric is a frequently used quality description for special fabrics that are not only used for producing gloves, but in particular for industrial deformation processes on sensitive plastics such as acrylic glass and plexiglass.The Rimaflex® brand by Mütex GmbH stands for such high-quality glove fabrics.


Rimaflex® fabrics are available in different widths and qualities, depending on the field of application. Mütex GmbH also offers to supply individual cloths ready-made according to customers’ wishes. Rimaflex® fabrics can be ordered at any time in a wide variety of formats, cut or perforated as cloths, as fabric available by the metre, as bands, strips or ready-made gloves.


Mütex GmbH is a partner of Evonik Industries AG